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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Do I Need Valet Parking?
A  Valet parking is a luxury that creates an air of distinction, and provides positive first and last impression for customers and guests. Providing valet parking prevents your customers or guests from parking their own vehicles, driving around trying to find parking spaces, and walking long distances to get to your location (especially in bad weather). As a matter of fact, businesses and other locations have increasingly found that their customers and guests are demanding the convenience of valet parking.   

Q  Do Valet Parking Companies Carry Insurance?

A  Valet companies should be fully insured and licensed. Insurance should be up-to-date and should cover bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the valet company is qualified and properly insured by asking for references and proof of coverage.

Q  How Do I Choose A Valet Parking Company?

A  Choose a company that has solid references and have been around for a while. Referrals are an excellent starting point and can be accomplished by talking to friends, family members or business associates.

Q  Are Permits Required On My Part?
A  It is the client’s responsibility to find out if special permits are needed for a private event. This should be completed before contacting a valet parking company. It is also a good idea to notify your neighbors prior to the event so that issues and special precautions can be addressed.

Q  Does The Type Of Event Matter?
A  Yes. The type of event determines the rate at which your guests will arrive. For example, guests will show up at the same time for weddings and other formal events. This will require a larger number of attendants to ensure timely valet parking service to prevent congestion. Informal gatherings are usually more relaxed. Also, event type determines whether the attendants’ uniform is casual or formal.  

Q  Is The Number of Expected Guests Important?

A  Yes. This is especially important when cars will be parked on streets. Further, this determines the number of valet attendants and parking spaces needed. A good valet company will always provide an on-site evaluation.

Q  How Much Should I Pay For Valet Parking Service?
A  There are many variables to consider – number of guests, number of required attendants, location, etc. Some jobs are quoted by the hour, per attendant or by a flat rate. A service contract outlining service terms and penalties should be completed. It is also important to determine if gratuities are to be accepted or refused. It is a good idea to include gratuity for private parties. Most companies will add 10 – 20% to their bills when the gratuities are to be refused from guests. However, it is entirely up to you to decide on the tip amount. The acceptable minimum is $2-$4 per car for good service and $5-$10 per car for exceptional service. Owners of expensive cars usually tip $20 or higher for a premium spot.